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Ben’s journey as a DJ began in 2006 when he worked at Central Square Records in Seaside, FL on 30A. While working there he fervently collected vinyl records, beginning a collection that has amassed into a cornucopia of over 1,000 vinyl LPs. While working at Central Square, Ben discovered the magic of being able to mix two songs together, and since has never looked back.

Ben later toured as an EDM artist from 2009-2013, sharing the stage with acts such as Diplo, Benny Benassi, Excision, UZ, RJD2, Kraak and Smaak, Bononbo, and many more. His music productions during this time period were aired on Sirius XM, BBC Radio 1, and his songs were streamed hundreds of thousands of times on major streaming outlets. Around 2014 Ben took a production hiatus to pursue other ventures, but still DJs regularly in Tallahassee, currently holding a residency at Madison Social every Friday night.

When Ben is DJing his sole focus is on one thing; The Crowd. Being able to rock literally any crowd regardless of age or cultural background is a subtle art that Ben has absolutely mastered. Having played almost 1300 gigs in the last 12 years, Ben is fully equipped to handle the most nuanced of situations when it comes to curating the music for an event.