Meet Chelsea

About Chelsea

Born in Pensacola and raised in the country 16 miles outside of Tallahassee, Chelsea grew up fishing with her grandpa, hunting with her stepdad, and four-wheeling with her brother and cousin. She played sports from basically baby through college, including basketball and softball. Music has always been a huge part of Chelsea’s life, whether to relax or go hard, through the good times and the bad. During the week, you’ll catch her laying tile, painting, plumbing, and any other handy stuff she can find.

When she’s not working as a DJ or on handy projects, you’ll find her relaxing at home with her fiancee, Sam, her dogs, Johnny Cash and June, her cats, Ares and Athena, or singing it out at a local karaoke spot. Chelsea’s fun personality leads to lots of smiles and lots of dancing!

Hometown: Tallahassee, FL

DJ Style: Electric, Lively, Hype

Favorite Superhero: Hercules (Disney version)

First Album: Kenny Chesney Greatest Hits

Hidden Skill: Karaoke

Favorite Food: Steak

Party Anthem: Yeah! by Usher

Slow Jam: Anymore by Travis Tritt

Fave Karaoke Song: “How could I choose just one! Okay top three!” Keep Your Hands to Yourself by George and the Satellites, Man! I Feel Like a Woman by Shania Twain, and Beer Never Broke My Heart by Luke Combs