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About Dakota

Hi I’m Dakota, if there’s one thing you should know about me it’s that I love a challenge! As a matter of fact the love of a challenge is one of the biggest reasons I got into the wedding industry. When I was younger I had problems being social and speaking in front of people, at some point between 18-19 years of age I grew exhausted with handicapping myself and decided to pursue the most intense social career I could get into. Over the years I have worked as every type of vendor from the venue team to the planner/design team to entertainment and beyond. My combined experience totals more than 500 weddings and events in the North Florida area. The one thing I’ve learned is that there is no one thing that applies to every event. To quote a mentor of mine, “You should never stop learning and progressing as a person and a DJ, I still take away something from every gig and if I ever stop learning then I’ll quit.”

What is your favorite song to get people on the dance floor?

Wow this is a doozy! Allow me to first explain the backstory to my answer. My first official wedding was one in which the couple was more mature, and the crowd was an older, more reserved group. Everything was going smoothly until we got to dancing. For the first two songs, not a single soul would touch the dance floor, I could see the crowd grooving and tapping their feet but no dancing. As I was searching for a song to get this crowd on the floor my hand slipped and Dancing Queen by ABBA started to play. I have never seen a dance floor fill up so quick before or since then! We pride ourselves on making every wedding unique and focused on the individual, but it’s pretty safe to say you’ll hear this song in my playlist when dance time comes around.

What has been your most memorable wedding experience so far?

Imagine this, three young DJs in training on their own for the first time, now cue disaster in the form of rain, flooding, and restricted indoor space. With most of the family and friends coming in from out of town we knew we had to get this right. Working closely with the other vendors we took a wedding that was fast approaching and helped our clients and their guests have the time of their life. The bride, her father, and the groom did not leave the dance floor for the entire event — nearly three hours of non-stop dancing! But what makes this the most memorable wedding is at the end of the night the father of the bride came up to all of us to hug us and thank us for such a wonderful time. The feeling that followed was better than any tip we could have received.