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About Darvon

Darvon first got into music at the age of nine. His first instrument was a violin provided by his elementary school in the fourth grade. After a year, he joined the school choir. Darvon didn’t own instruments of his own outside of school. Luckily he has an amazing mother with a huge collection of Motown albums, and he has fond memories dancing and singing karaoke in the basement with his family. When he was 14, Darvon started rapping, greatly inspired by Motown legend Eminem, and walked to his local Radio Shack on 8-mile to purchase a desktop microphone.

Throughout high school, Darvon recorded his raps over other artist instrumentals and rap-battled online on After high school, he was accepted into FAMU and moved to Florida. He continued his rapping career while adding to his musical skillset: production and DJing. Greatly inspired by Tallahassee nightlife, he DJed house parties and continued expanding his genre knowledge.

Darvon has opened for Ying Yang Twins, Ilovemakoneen, Inspecta Deck (Wu-Tang), Mike Jones, and many more artists as an emcee. He still loves music, whether its DJing, producing, or rapping and brings his wide range of music knowledge and experience to your event.

What are some of your favorite genres of music?

My favorite genres of music are MoTown and hip hop/rap. I also love Funk, 90’s RnB, 90’s house, and Soul. I grew up listening to all of these genres back home in Detroit. The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree! The truth is when it comes to DJing, though, I love ALL genres of music and play the genre that is best for each crowd, from country and 90’s pop to 80’s and oldies.

So we hear you’re a gamer, eh?

Yes! I’m a part of Esports, which is the community of competitive gaming. I myself compete in Super Smash Brothers tournaments. I’ve competed in every series of the franchise (64, Melee, Brawl, Smash4, Smash-Ultimate). In my prime of professional video games the Florida committee considered me as Top 10 in the state. Esports is sponsored by Nintendo, Sony, Microsoft, and many game developers. Esports connects sports, fighting, real-time strategy, and turn-based strategy games.

Whats your favorite color and why?

My favorite color is green hands down. Green has always stuck out to me as a color, if you take a second to look around it’s everywhere. The traffic lights , street signs, and currency. This color really makes the world go around!