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About Darvon

Born and Raised in Detroit, I’m a Michigander! Most of my musical influence comes from Motown, Detroit Techno, Boom-Kat Rap, and Booty Bass Music. In my early years my mom had an amazing sound system and a deep music catalog. Me and my family would dance in our basements to Four Tops, Gap Band, Loose Ends, Sade, and so many other great artist. Over my teenage years i developed my own taste in music. J dilla, Blade Icewood, and Eminem gave me an insight into Detroit HipHop Culture at different levels within the music industry. Embracing the sounds of hockey town and the motor city I began to record my own songs at the age of 15.

What are some of your favorite genres of music?

My favorite genre of music is hiphop/rap. I also love Funk, 90’s RnB, 90’s house, Booty-Bass, and Soul. I grew up listening to all of these genres back home in Detroit. The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree! The truth is when it comes to DJing, though, I love ALL genres of music and play the genre that is best for each crowd.

So we hear you’re a gamer, eh?

Yes! I’m a part of Esports, which is the community of competitive gaming. I myself compete in Super Smash Brothers tournaments. I’ve competed in every series of the franchise (64, Melee, Brawl, Smash4, Smash-Ultimate). In my prime of professional video games the Florida committee considered me as Top 10 in the state. Esports is sponsored by Nintendo, Sony, Microsoft, and many game developers. Esports connects sports, fighting, real-time strategy, and turn-based strategy games.

Whats your favorite color and why?

My favorite color is green hands down. Green has always stuck out to me as a color, if you take a second to look around it’s everywhere. The traffic lights , street signs, and currency. This color really makes the world go around!