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Some fun facts about Drew

  • Drew was born & raised in the great state of New Jersey. He decided to move out on his own at the age of 19 to pursue his dream of attending Florida State University (Go Noles!).
  • Drew started a clothing company back in high school. He sold a bunch of shirts, and considered it quite the learning experience into the world of entrepreneurship. One design was a mash-up of Miley Cyrus and Einstein. The brand strived to be… different.
  • Drew is an avid reader, reading anything from philosophy to religion to fiction to business. Simply put, if the topic is interesting, he’ll read it. Used bookstores are often a place of solitude for him.

What is your favorite song to play while DJing?

I’ve always been a sucker for the classics. Some songs are just that good that they endure through the decades, and a song that I think epitomizes that is “September” by Earth, Wind, & Fire.

Who are your favorite artists?

I dabble often in different genres, and have favorite artists in all. While going through a metal phase in high school, my favorite band was August Burns Red. I can’t say I listen to that type of music as much anymore, but that band I still listen to religiously. In EDM, Porter Robinson is someone who no matter what he comes out with, I find myself loving. Hip-hop, I’d have to go with my favorite artist as Kendrick Lamar, and my favorite album being Dr. Dre’s 2001.

What has been your most memorable wedding experience so far?

I think some of my favorite experiences have come from people taking it upon themselves to turn the night into a karaoke session. As a self-proclaimed karaoke connoisseur, seeing people going all out on a track brings me great joy. And when the crowd is behind it, there’s nothing like it.

What song is cued up on your phone/iPod right now?

I Want It That Way – Backstreet Boys (…don’t judge me)

Anything else you’d like to say?

I would absolutely love to DJ your wedding. I don’t think anything gives me greater joy than making someone else’s day. And there are few examples that better represents that, then DJing the reception for a newly wed couple. One disclaimer though: If you choose me, Wannabe by Spice Girls will be being played at some point in the night.