Hey DJ! Mobile Request System


Allow your guests to send song requests to the DJ’s iPad using their phones from the comfort of their dinner table or from the heat of the dance floor with Hey DJ DJ, an innovative technology invented by Amplify Entertainment! Your guests will be able to check in to your event, use the custom check-in code (which can match your social media hashtag) and then send requests throughout the night. Make your event stand out from the rest and give your guests the power of the mobile request!

This is an optional, no-extra-cost service that is included with all Amplify Entertainment DJ packages. Don’t worry, this isn’t a jukebox. If a guest requests a song that is on your do-not-play list or is otherwise inappropriate for your event, it won’t get played. DJ discretion still matters, whether the request is made in person or via mobile device.

Cool fact: Amplify Entertainment now receives on average more mobile requests than in-person requests. Keep ’em coming!