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About Michael

Born and raised in CT, Michael has been a performer since he was 2 years old. He saw his older sister dancing up on stage and decided it was his turn in the limelight. After ten years of dancing experience he transitioned into plays and musicals throughout middle and high school, and after taking a couple gap years pursuing his military passions, he’s returned to his true vocation, performing. He’s in his 3rd year studying Musical Theatre at Florida State University, and has been seen in many of the Florida State Mainstage Musical productions since 2014.
After working one summer as a waiter at a wedding venue, he decided it was time to add DJing to his resume. He recently joined the Amplify Team to bring his hosting, singing, dancing, and partying talents to all the special celebrations of Tallahassee.

Some fun facts about Michael

  • I love mountain biking on the trails in Tom Brown and Lafayette Park. One of my fellow Music Theatre buddies and I try to go every Saturday.
  • I am a certified scuba diver and I’ve taken advantage of NONE of the amazing underwater sights here in Florida because I am far too busy, but hopefully that will change this summer.
  • I was a member of Civil Air Patrol in high school and an ROTC cadet at Georgia Military College my Freshman year of college. I originally intended to be a pilot! Now I’m a song and dance man. I know. They aren’t very similar pathways in life, but there are significantly more similarities than you might think.
  • I have the singing range of a true Bari-Tenor, crooning as low as Elvis while still being able to scream belt as high as Freddie Mercury.
  • I was just recently certified in Stage Combat while studying in London with my Acting Class this summer. I can very effectively kick your butt and show you how to kick mine, and we’ll both walk away without a scratch!
  • I harmonize with almost every melody I hear, and often times I will take the higher harmony.
  • For all of you fellow Lord of the Rings fans, I have a solid Gollum impression. That special skill actually got me hired in the CT Renaissance Faire a few summers back.

What is your favorite song to play while DJing?

Although I have a whole host of bumpin’ songs I could fill this spot with, I’m a true romantic at heart, and I it’s my favorite thing to slow everything down and play “Unchained Melody.” I don’t do it at every party, but when the moment comes, I’m happy to do it. It was my grandparents wedding song, so not only is it a tribute to them, but it also never fails to get every person out of their chair. There is nothing more satisfying than a full floor of people, younger and older, holding their loved ones close, and just swaying back and forth together to the beautiful Righteous Brothers Ballad. I love to see the older couples who weren’t dancing all night for fear of not being able to keep up with the rest of the crowd jump to their feet and race to the floor as soon as that first “Woah my love,” comes ringing out. This is a song that’s truly timeless.

What is your favorite musical?

This is like asking a parent which of their children is their favorite. It’s just not fair! But if I had to pick, I’d go with Les Miserables. It is my dream to play Enjolras or Marius in the near future, and Valjean in the distant. Being someone with a voice large enough for this mega musical, I can’t get enough of this epic love story. Lucky for me, everyone else in the world seems to like it too, so that my friends is what we call, job security.

Who are some your favorite musicians/bands/artists?

Singer/Oldies: Michael Buble, Frank Sinatra, Glenn Miller, Josh Groban. Singer/Songwriter: Billy Joel, Sara Barielles, Ed Sheeran. Soul: Norah Jones, Otis Redding, Nat King Cole, Ella Fitzgerald. Funk: Bruno Mars, Michael Jackson, Earth, Wind & Fire. Film Scores: Hans Zimmer, John Williams. Folk: Lumineers. Classic Rock: Queen, Meatloaf, AC/DC, Poison, The Eagles. Country: Brad Paisley, Kenny Chesney, Tim McGraw, Lady Antebellum, Zac Brown Band. Irish Drinkin’ Songs: Dropkick Murphys, Flogging Molly. Alternative/Ska: My Chemical Romance, Neon Trees, OAR, Reel Big Fish, Weezer. Electronic: Zedd (thanks, Nate, haha!), David Guetta, Skrillex.

Tell us a crazy wedding story you’ve experienced!

I wasn’t always a DJ in the wedding business. I worked as a waiter first, and I have to say the most memorable evening was when the fondue chocolate fountain exploded. Literally exploded. Someone “accidentally” dropped an Oreo in the top of the fountain, where it got lodged in and built up pressure. Finally, the top popped off, spewing chocolate all over the table and floor. It was an absolute mess, but definitely the most vivid memory so far.

How does your performance reflect your unique personality and/or background?

I am a ham and I feed off of a live audience. As a Professional Musical Theatre Actor, I absolutely love to goof around and have a good time, and there is nothing more fun for me than singing, dancing, or now DJing for an audience. “You were out here dancing with us and making jokes on the mic and singing with us all night long! You were working the whole time getting us going. It was such a blast!” What this client didn’t realize is this isn’t work. This is FUN for me! Singing and Dancing and making people laugh is my passion. I’ve always been an entertainer, and now I get to do it professionally! When I’m able to let loose and groove to the music with my fellow partiers, that’s when I’m at my best, and that’s when the party goers have the best time! It’s a win win!

As a waiter at a wedding venue in CT, I used to get compliments all the time from the attendees and my bosses for always being so chipper and animated while dancing around and singing, bringing out the guests food or cleaning their tables. When my fellow employees would ask me why I was so happy all the time, I’d tell them, “I get to party with all these fun people while taking care of them, dancing and listening to this awesome music the DJ is playing, and having a good time. I can’t not be happy!” It was my happiness that fed into their good experience, and it was their positive feedback that kept me happier than ever!

But now, I’m the DJ, and I play the music, and it IS my actual job to party and dance around with the guests. There is nothing better than that! It’s not work. It’s a PARTY, and it is just plain FUN!

What do you like to do in your free time?

WHAT FREE TIME? Ha. I try to hang out with my girlfriend. You will see her at Amplify Dance and maybe even an event or two! I try to ride my bike. I enjoy swimming and the gym, playing guitar and working on my musical. It’s going to be great! Oh yeah, and any attempt to make it into the acting/singing/dancing/voiceover/moviemaking business. It’s a difficult process.

Anything else you’d like to say?

Coming from a background of many family and church parties, I often would be the life of the party. People would love to watch me dance, and the performer I am, I always loved the attention, but now? NOTHING HAS CHANGED! I’m STILL always excited to get people dancing, the only difference is, I generally hold a microphone when I do it now, and have slightly more authority when I beckon the ladies on the dance floor with me.

Profile Photo Credit: Poppie Studios