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About Miles

¡Hola!  I’m Miles Parker.  I’m from a town in Alabama known as Enterprise. I come from a large family of 9. Many in my family are musically inclined, so I grew up listening to quite a variety of music and participating in many theatrical productions. I have a lovely wife, Kittye, to whom I’ve been married for only two years.

What was the first album you ever owned?

Meteora by Linkin Park. This heavily influenced me to explore the rock scene. While rock, metal, and symphonic music are my favorite, I’ve branched out into many different styles, and enjoy a wide variety of music.

What is your favorite song to bring people on the dance floor?

“Wop” by J. Dash. It’s got an awesome beat and a good use of vocals and is a ton of fun!

What was the most memorable wedding you’ve done?

I was DJing a ceremony and reception at Dorothy B. Oven Park for some of my favorite clients. The bride and groom were both Legend of Zelda fans. The bride’s dress and the wedding cake were themed after the Zelda video games. They had a blast, and their guests really knew how to party. The dance floor was packed the entire night!

What else is good, brother?

I am also fluent in Spanish!