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Music is something that moves everyone. Reese found himself to be moved by music at a very young age. Ever since he can remember, music has played an important role in his life. When Reese was around four or five, his dad lead worship at a church. His first memories of music go back to when he annoyed his dad and the rest of the worship band with a laser pointer while they practiced. At around age seven, Reese started to learn the piano and he was fascinated with the idea that he could create music with his own hands.

As Reese grew, so did his passion for music. In middle school he picked up the guitar and fell in love with it. Ever since, he has considered the guitar to be his main instrument. He went from watching his dad play, to playing alongside him. During the summer of 2017, Reese got the chance to help run sound at a summer camp for a professional band. He enjoyed learning how to direct and control the sound of an entire band and was able to expand his knowledge on the various tools that go into operating a sound system. In the summer of twenty-eighteen, Reese had the opportunity to play in a youth worship band, where he learned more on how to play lead guitar. All of these things grew Reese’s passion and desire to keep music as a primary role in his life.

Reese heard about Amplify through his close friend, Ben Danner. Ben said that Reese has all the qualities that you can’t teach in a DJ. Thus, he decided to give DJing a shot and applied to work with Amplify. Since then, he has loved every minute of his DJing experience and looks forward to much more. He would describe his DJing style as fun, energetic, adaptable, and interpersonal. Reese is excited to see how DJing furthers the role of music in his life.


Tallahassee, FL

DJ Style

Adaptable and energetic

Super Hero

Aang (from Avatar the Last Airbender)

First Album

Mmhmm (Relient K)

Hidden Skill

Close-Up Magic

Favorite Food

Chicken Tikaa Masala

Party Anthem

Crazy In Love (Beyonce ft. JAY Z)

Slow Jam

For Your Love (Stevie Wonder)

Karaoke Song

Ain’t No Mountain High Enough (Marvin Gaye)