Songs for Your Wedding Do Not Play List

30 December 2014
Wedding Do Not Play List

Wedding Do Not Play List

In my opinion, the wedding Do Not Play list is even more important than the Must Play list. What I always tell my clients is to think of the people they’ve invited to their wedding reception and all of the songs they may request of the DJ. Assume they’ll request — one by one — all of your least favorite songs. You may not want to hear those songs on your wedding day. If not, add those to the do-not-play list and they won’t slip past the DJ.

A few examples of songs that guests often request (because they are very danceable), but that you may not want played at your wedding include:

– The Chicken Dance
– The Macarena
– Y.M.C.A.
– The Electric Slide
– Love Shack
– Cotton Eyed Joe
– Mickey
– Celebration
– We Are Family
– Baby Got Back
– The Hokey Pokey
– Ice Ice Baby
– The Locomotion
– Red Solo Cup
– Strokin’ It
– Conga
– Cha Cha Slide
– Honky Tonk Badonkadonk
– Get Low (Lil Jon)
– Crank That (Soulja Boy)

Sometimes I’ll see “anything by Miley Cyrus” on the do-not-play list, or a song that was “our song” with an ex-boyfriend/girlfriend. Maybe it’s just a song that brings back awkward memories. There’s no time for that at your wedding — only songs that bring back great memories!

So take some time to think about what you might want to include on your wedding Do Not Play list and we’ll make sure it’s not played!

What songs would you or have you included on your wedding Do Not Play list?

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