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A Florida native, Zac has been obsessed with music and science fiction since he was 7 years old and watched Star Wars: A New Hope for the first time; nothing made Darth Vader more terrifying (or awesome) than John Williams’ Imperial March. A decade of piano lessons, Orson Scott Card, and a guitar purchase later, Zac was telling stories of his own through songwriting, short stories, and his one man DJ service right up until he decided to put pen, mixer, and strings down for two years to serve the people of California. Not too long after he returned home, Zac got married, started a family, became a professional Shakespearean actor for a while, learned Hebrew and Greek, and dusted off the old PA system to DJ events along the far western Panhandle.

What was the first album you ever owned?

No Fences by Garth Brooks (where I was first introduced to my karaoke favorite, Friends in Low Places!)

Who are your favorite artists?

Classic ’70s and ’80s rock and pop are my staples (Michael Jackson, Kansas, Queen, David Bowie, Toto, etc.), but I love anything with a beat I can dance to or that’s fun to sing along with. Even if I don’t know the words or the beat, if it’s good, you can bet I’ll be out on the dance floor.

What song is queued up on your phone/iPod right now?

Smooth Criminal – Michael Jackson.

How would you describe your DJ style?

Eclectic. Any song can bring the house down on any night, it just depends on the vibe and the event. You gotta be open to the crowd and what they want (sometimes what they don’t know they want yet). That’s the fantastic and enchanting thing about music; in the moment, the right song can take a night from fun to legendary.

What’s the best Star Wars movie and the order in which to watch them?

If you’re watching them for the first time, start with the O-ridge Tridge (Ep.4-6), then Prequels, then, the new ones.

Ep. VI, Return of the Jedi. Hands down.

If you’ve seen then before go with The Machete Order:

  1. IV, A New Hope
  2. V, The Empire Strikes Back
  3. II, Attack of the Clones
  4. III, Revenge of the Sith
  5. VI, Return of the Jedi