Audio Guest Book

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Resounding Memories

Let your love echo through the years with our audio guest book featuring an elegant retro telephone. Every time a guest picks up the receiver, they're not just making a call—they're making a memory. They can share a story from the past, offer advice, or simply express their joy and congratulations on your wedding day. Each message is a gift, a heartfelt sentiment frozen in time that you can listen to and cherish for years to come.

Unlike traditional written guest books, our audio guest book offers an intimate and personal connection. You'll hear the laughter, the joy, the surprise, and the love in the voice of every guest who picks up the receiver.

And it's simple to use -- in fact, it's totally natural. Your guest picks up the beautiful and premium quality retro phone and hears a greeting (which we can customize with your voices!), and then after the tone, they speak their hearts. Even grandma and grandpa, who might struggle to write in a traditional guest book, can easily share her words of wisdom and love.

After the wedding, you'll receive a beautifully edited audio file containing all the messages from your loved ones. No shipping anything off during your honeymoon. No hassle. Just a beautiful collection of genuine messages of love, support, and fun!


We invested a ton of research and time into exploring all of the retro phone audio guest book options out there and decided to create an option with none of the hassles (having to ship equipment, ugly external recorder components, requirements for electricity and/or wifi, confusion on how to use, DIY solutions that break down, poor quality materials, etc.) and instead worked to ensure what we offer is a hassle-free, elegant, and easy-to-use option for you and your guests. Check out our FAQ for a more in-depth look at what makes our audio guest book retro phones different.


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