Story of Us Themes

We're excited that you booked Story of Us for your upcoming wedding or event! If you're on this page, you're most likely working on one of our questionnaires, so you already know that you can choose the song that plays with the video. We created this page to show you examples of each theme option, so you know exactly what you're getting -- just swap out for your pictures and song!

After the event, you'll receive a link to your video that can easily be downloaded and/or shared on social media with guests who either couldn't make it or would love the keepsake.

Please be sure to have all photos sent (using the instructions below) at least a week before your event to ensure we have enough time to make your video as awesome as possible!

Running out of time and worried you may not have the photos ready in time for your event? No worries! If you prefer instead, we can create a video for you after the event using photos from the event itself.

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Instructions for Sending Photos

Step 1: Choose 50-100 photos of your choice. This is not a hard limit. Just realize that the fewer images you choose the longer each image will remain on the screen and the more images you choose the shorter each image will be on the screen. You can even take your song choice and do the math to get an exact count. For example a two-minute song is 120 seconds so if you wanted each image to remain on the screen for two seconds, you would choose 60 images.

Step 2: Ensure all files are in digital format, rotated properly, and cropped as needed (we don't want all of that white space showing up in the video!). And be sure to number the files (e.g. 01, 02, 03) in the order you’d like for them to appear in the video. Otherwise, we won't know what order you'd like for them to appear and they may end up out of order.

Step 3: Drop your photos into an online bulk send tool like Smash (easiest option)WeTransfer, or Dropbox and paste the share link it gives you in the Wedding Reception Planner or Event Planner in your Client Portal.

Step 4: On our questionnaire in the Story of Us section, let us know which song and which theme you'd like to use.

And we'll take it from there! So let's jump into theme options. Enjoy!



Bon Voyage





Big City




Memory Box




Snow Globe