“If I had to choose one word to describe the way that Nate with Amplify enhanced our wedding, I can’t… because I’m truly speechless. WOW! What an incredible night. Let me start with the process of booking him: He was incredible. My fiancé and I went into his office and immediately felt as if we had made a new friend. He truly cares about your wedding and takes personal notes (that I promise you he uses later on because one of the best moments in our wedding was based off of one of the notes he took from our meeting). Nate engaged with us and truly got to know the things we loved and the style that we wanted to portray. Nate was not seen, but only heard during our ceremony in which the music truly flowed so beautifully that our preacher officiating our ceremony was even brought to tears. The cocktail hour music was not only elegant but also enjoyable and a beautiful prelude to our reception. During the dinner, Nate hit the nail on the head. He stayed present the entire time and continuously evaluated everyone’s mood, so as not to miss when everyone was starting to get ready to get the party started! He went through and directed the way in which we were supposed to either go or lead our attention to and everything was able to run very smoothly. Once everyone began to dance, he continued to not only be completely engaged in our crowd but he truly ensured that everyone had an amazing time. An overwhelming amount of people approached us and complimented how incredible our DJ was. I truly could not have asked for a better DJ to complete our night. Thank you so much Nate and Amplify for making our wedding perfect!”