“My wife and I chose Amplify as the DJ at our wedding last week, and that was the second best decision we made. The best decision was opting for the Nate Guarantee aka Dibs on Nate. Nate, the founder of Amplify, went above and beyond like nothing I could have imagined. This dude knows music, and is passionate about bringing you exactly what you want to your event. I feel like my wife and I made a friend, rather than just worked with a vendor. Two amazing things he did to make the night unforgettable was use my wife’s late grandmother’s organ music during our ceremony that we converted to mp3s for him. The second thing he did was throw on my homemade Marshmello helmet from back when I went to a show and dance with us. It was amazing, and I recommend him and any DJ with this company to anyone looking to amplify their event!”