“Cameron (and Amplify) were always super open to even our weirdest requests and he was constantly thinking on the fly. Nate from Amplify was in constant contact with us throughout the weeks before the wedding and during it. Whether you like music from the 30s/40s like Moonlight Serenade or you like alternative rock from the 2000s like Mr. Brightside, Cameron will find a way to make it all meld perfectly. I can say this with 100% positivity because both of those songs played at our reception and somehow both seemed normal at the time when they were played! Cameron was always thinking one step ahead of us the whole night, any time I wanted a song played I’d go to him and turns out he already had it queued up! He was always catering to, and predicting, our every need. It was such an awesome night and Cameron was a big part of making it so special!”