Wedding guest book on table with decorated sign

Ah, the guest book. The final gatekeeper your guests must sign before gaining entry to a lovely evening of food, dance, and great company!

Guest books are a great keepsake from one of the happiest days of your life. You’ll have something tangible to bring you right back to that wonderful day. Flipping through the pages and running your fingers alongside the signatures can really make you feel connected to all those friends and family that came to support and party with you and your spouse.

But maybe you want something non-traditional.

If you and your partner are music lovers consider these five cool alternatives to the normal guest book you could incorporate into your wedding.


Signing a vinyl record

Record player with vinyl


Consider having all your guests sign a vinyl record with a paint marker or bright Sharpie. You can find plenty of inexpensive records at any flea market, antique store, or thrift shop. Or take it up a notch and get the a specific vinyl album or single that includes your first dance song and/or other special songs from the big day!

Depending on the size of your wedding, you might consider buying anywhere from one to five or more records and put them in a frame.

After your wedding, you’ll have a stylish decoration you can display as a testament to your love of music and to the eternal love between you and your spouse. You know we’re all about this idea!


Signing an old guitar

Closeup of a man playing an acoustic guitar


Keeping our music-lovers theme (what’d you expect? we’re DJs lol), if you have a guitar you can spare (or you can buy an inexpensive option from a pawn shop or online), using it as a guest book is a great and fun alternative. Leave it out on a table with a permanent marker for your guests to sign with.

Because seriously. Which is cooler? Your guest book collecting dust on a coffee table, or a beautiful acoustic guitar decorated with everyone’s signatures on the wall?

If you’re feeling extra crazy, you could even perform a song on that very guitar during your wedding reception. Whoa! ?

Signing a CD in a Binder Case

Closeup of a CD


This one is more of a joke for those whose friends and family knew them to be the kid who –back in the CD days — always had the massive binder of music on CDs. Some of the CDs were purchased albums from the store and others were custom-burnt mixes for you and your friends.

If you still have yours hanging around somewhere? Put it to good use and fill it with blank CDs that your guests can sign. Blank CDs don’t cost much nowadays, and each guest could get one to sign and place in the binder. If you were that kid (most of us were), this might be a funny tribute.


Signing Keys on a Keyboard

Closeup of piano and its keys


If you’re having a small wedding with less than 52 guests, you could have them sign all the white keys on a keyboard.

An actual full-size piano might be a little unreasonable to transport in and out of your wedding (plus that’s a lot of space for a guest book!), but a portable keyboard might just be the ticket.

Just like the guitar guest book, the keyboard can be displayed in your home to remind you and your spouse of that romantic day.


Adding a Song to a Playlist

Phone with spotify player open


If you’re feeling more digitally inclined, consider creating a public playlist on a platform like Spotify or Soundcloud. Have all your guests add their favorite love songs instead of signing their names.

Now you’ll have a personalized wedding playlist that you and your spouse can return to anytime you need a romantic mood booster and a little bit of nostalgia. Plus, of all our DJs, Nate in particular loves this minimalist option that takes up literally zero physical space! #kondothatguestbook


Newly weds walking down the steps after their wedding


The guest book doesn’t have to be a blank notebook on the table anymore. If you’re a music lover, you can get creative with it and make something really memorable for both you and your guests. The key is bring out your personalities and have fun with it!