Real Wedding

Ingrid + Chris

Winter Wedding at the Governor's Club in Tallahassee

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Photos by Artsinfotos Photography
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It was the evening of the Festival of Lights in Downtown Tallahassee and the crowds were flocking to the lights and sounds of Christmas. Ingrid and Chris enjoyed their wedding reception in the heart of the celebrations at the Governor's Club in Tallahassee, just steps away from all of the action. And yet anyone attending the wedding quickly realized all of the best action was actually right where they were at the wedding reception!

Our party, which included heavy doses of salsa, merengue, bachata and reggaeton, was filled with non-stop dancing and memorable moments. It was a truly elegant setting for a wedding and the bride looked stunning. The groom was happy to be along for the ride and enjoy their big night. What a fun night to be a wedding DJ in Tallahassee!

The Soundtrack

First Dance

Late-Night EDM

Latin Dance Party

Cocktail Hour Vibe