Dance Floors

Amplify Black and White Dance Floor at Pearl in the Wild15x15 Beach Dance FloorAmplify Dark Maple Dance Floor for Weddings15x15 Checkerboard Dance Floor at Mission San Luis16x16 All White Dance Floor at Mission San LuisAmplify Wedding Oak Dance Floor at Loblolly RiseAmplify Checkerboard Dance Floor at Golden Eagle Country Club

We offer three different dance floors in two sizes each. Our dance floors are 100% water resistant and can go outside or inside. They use a special interlocking technology that ensures the dance floor stays together all night, no matter how crazy your guests are dancing! Underneath each square foot of dance floor, 84 anti-fatigue, anti-slip support structures keep the dance floor from shifting and also make dancing on the floor much more comfortable than on concrete, for example, helping your guests dance longer before they tire out!

For outside, dance floors on grass or dirt will require a plywood subfloor to even out the small grooves underneath. Prices for the subfloors are included below. For inside or outside events, the dance floor doesn’t require a subfloor if it’s on concrete, wood or carpet. Style and size options are included below. All dance floor service prices include transportation and set-up/breakdown within Tallahassee city limits (with a travel fee option for events outside of Tallahassee city limits). Let’s jump right in!

Oak Style

  • 12×12: $200
  • 15×15: $250

Checkerboard Style

  • 12×12: $225
  • 15×15: $250
  • 18×18: $350

(New!) Dark Maple Style

  • 12×12: $250
  • 15×15: $400

All-White Style

  • 12×12: $250
  • 15×15: $350

(New!) Matte Black Style

  • 12×12: $250
  • 15×15: $350


  • 12×12: $50
  • 15×15: $100

Beach Option: We now allow for our dance floors to be placed on the beach! This would require a subfloor and a $75 “on-the-beach premium.” This premium would not apply if the dance floor is set up back at the beach house on concrete or wood (and would therefore also not require a subfloor). Browse the gallery above to see our Oak Style dance floor in action on the beach in Destin, Florida!