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About Wes

Wes was born and raised in Tallahassee, Florida with music being a strong motivation for anything he did. The only thing that could over power his love for music was his love for swimming, but when he was 19 he left swimming and music behind to dedicate two years of his life to serve in the European Lowlands. He learned Dutch while abroad, and came to have a deep appreciation and love for the people and culture that surrounded him. Upon returning to the States, he was passionate about making music a bigger part of his life which is what led him to becoming a DJ.

What was the first album you ever owned?

Well the first album I ever owned was American Idiot by Green Day. But, I’ll admit at the time it was a huge toss up between that and the album Meteora by Linkin Park. Buyers remorse was way too real for me because I ended up listening to the Green Day album once before begging my mom to give me the $15 to go get the Linkin Park album as well (she didn’t). From there my music taste has shifted almost organically towards techno music, Dubstep, and EDM. But no matter what is going on, if Breaking the Habit comes on the radio, I stop everything I’m doing and sing every word at the top of my lungs!

So, why did you learn Dutch?

While I was living abroad, all of my time was spent living in either the Netherlands or Northern Belgium, where they technically share an Official Language, Dutch! I say technically because to me, having learned the language already, the two countries sound very different from each other. It’s almost like a New Yorkers accent compared to a Scottish accent. It clear that they might be speaking the same language, but they definitely sound nothing alike! I love the language and it really has taught me to have a deep appreciation for their culture, as well as other cultures.

How would you define your DJ style?

I love to see people dancing! It doesn’t matter if it’s line dancing, booty dancing, hardcore mosh-pit-style-dancing (best to give these guys some room), or some good old bachata. If you’re dancing, I’m dancing. And if you’re not dancing, I’m probably still dancing! And my dancing is contagious so you’re going to be dancing, too!