Yes, and we recommend that — when possible — you meet face-to-face with each of your vendors. If an in-person meeting is not possible because you’re currently living out of town, we can arrange for a video conference call. Contact us and we can schedule a time that is convenient for you. 

All we require to reserve and officially book your date is a (non-refundable) $250 reservation fee and a signed contract. This process can either be done online or in person.

Each of our clients is unique and we’re big on making sure their weddings are personalized to a T! We’ll work with you to ensure that the music at your wedding matches your favorite music styles with the needs and wants of your guests. 

Yes, we get the same music the radio stations get when they get them. This means early access to the latest music that are already radio edited. 

We bring a sound system that is ideal for your particular situation (venue size, indoor vs. outdoor, number of guests, etc.), and we do sound checks upon arrival for set-up. Even better, we’ll work with you during the planning process to ensure that layout and guest seating options are ideal for a comfortable and consistent sound experience for all guests. 

No, we believe it is inappropriate for wedding vendors to put out banners and brochures at a client’s wedding. For us, an awesome performance and a happy client better market our business than tacky banners and signs.

We require no breaks for our events. We’ll ensure that music is queued up and that there is no gap while we briefly step away to use the restroom, check in with another vendor or prepare for toasts.

Our clients choose whether or not to include their DJ for dinner. This option is included on our easy-to-use Wedding Reception Planner. We of course are very grateful when our clients do choose to include us for dinner, though!

Our clients love their experience with Amplify Entertainment! Check out our testimonials to read more than 70 reviews.

Yes, it’s very important to enter into a professional contract with any of your wedding vendors, and a lack of a contract can be a red flag.

You may decide what your DJ will wear at your wedding on the Wedding Reception Planner. Most of our clients prefer a suit and tie or dress shirt and dress slacks. We’ll even match your wedding colors, if possible!

Yes, in addition to dance floor lighting, we offer uplighting and custom monogram lighting. Ask us for more details!

We would love for you to see us in action, and we actually get a lot of business from people who’ve attended an event we’ve performed and wanted to book us. However, we deeply respect the private nature of our clients’ events and wouldn’t want to be the ones who welcomed uninvited guests. So that means, unfortunately, that the only way to see us DJ a wedding would be to attend a friend or family member’s wedding we’re DJing. The good news is that we DJ a LOT of weddings (close to 250 each year) so there’s actually a pretty good chance you’ll be invited to a wedding we’re DJing!
In the meantime, we recommend reading online reviews from real brides, checking out some of our videos, and setting up an-person meeting to ask questions and talk more about your wedding.

We never book a single DJ for more than one wedding in the same day. This ensures your DJ is focused on your event and fresh with energy.

We use the most reliable, well trusted brands on the market, but even the very best and most well-maintained equipment will malfunction at some point. Every event we DJ has an on-site back-up ready to go in the event of malfunction. In fact, we have a back-up scenario for each piece of equipment we use. We call this the “Peace of Mind Promise,” and it ensures that if a power surge or other event causes equipment failure, the party can still go on!

Using your answers from our questionnaires, we’ll create a custom playlist unique to your reception. We recommend including five to ten songs on your must-play list. We can certainly accommodate more, but you don’t need to spend time building a playlist — that’s why you’ve hired us! Just include your favorites and we’ll fill in the rest. We can be as little or as much involved in your playlist creation as you’d like. Either way, we’ll make sure your favorite music genres are represented in our playlist.

Yes, in fact we encourage it! There are always a few wedding guests who think it would be a great idea to play the Chicken Dance or some other cheesy or inappropriate song. You may not want to hear those songs on your wedding day. If not, simply add those to the do-not-play list and they won’t slip past your DJ. We’ll even help you think of some good ones to add to the list!

We are very request-friendly, but we make sure that the songs requested fit your wedding and aren’t on your do-not-play list before we let them play. We also offer guests the option to make requests using their mobile phones with our Hey DJ! Mobile Request System. They can text, tweet or use a mobile web app to send the song request to the DJ. We offer this service for no extra charge. 

Our music encompasses all genres, including mainstream genres like Pop/Top 40, ’80s, ’90s, Funk, Motown, Hop Hip, RnB, Jazz, Country, Oldies, Electronic, Indie, Classic Rock, Alternative. Our music collection also goes incredibly deep on non-mainstream genres like salsa, merengue, Christian, gospel, reggaeton, dubstep, swing, reggae and much more. We’ve played specific ethnic/cultural requests for clients from France, Nigeria, Scotland, Latin America, India, Poland, Egypt, Iran, Ukraine and many Jewish clients. 

No, we don’t charge for either. Our start time for receptions isn’t until the moment they start and we’re playing music. For wedding ceremonies, we recommend our start time be 30 minutes prior to the official start time, which allows to play prelude music for your guests as they begin to arrive and find a seat.

For events outside of Tallahassee city limits, we charge a travel fee of $.75 per mile both ways using Google Maps with a start point of Connor Blvd. 32311. 

We do not offer any discounts or promotions for two reasons: 1) We want to ensure that we’re treating each of our clients equally. Preferential treatment to one group of people could fairly be described as discrimination against another, so our no-discount/promotion policy prevents any personal bias. 2) Typically promotions are a marketing scheme wherein “list” prices are artificially high, but a “limited-time/act now!” promotion allows you, the customer, to get access to what really is just the right price for the service. So rather than create that type of FOMO anxiety, we instead price our services without considering promotion, which again allows every client of ours to know that their price is the same as the couple getting married the following weekend. Having said that, there are two exceptions: 1) Each year, Amplify chooses a number of charitable organizations to donate services. Our current and past clients help us determine which organizations to choose among. 2) Amplify is a growing company and sometimes we have a new DJ who is fully trained and ready to rock (including having been an assistant/second DJ on a number of weddings), but needs a few couples/clients to be his/her first wedding. To incentivize our clients to give our new DJ a shot, we offer a $100 Rookie DJ credit that comes off of the total invoice. This option isn’t always available, but feel free to ask!

We typically don’t need to attend the wedding rehearsal due to the extensive planning process we complete prior to the wedding day. However, we do offer an add-on option to attend the rehearsal and will bring a small sound system as a part of the cost. 

Yes, we typically use them for wedding ceremonies and toasts during the reception. 

All we need is a table, linen and chair, as well as access to a reliable power source (ideally where we get our own outlet). We’ll provide everything else! 

Yes, have package add-ons that include a live guitarist or a cocktail band. By booking your live music through Amplify Entertainment, you can save a lot of money and stress compared with booking two different companies. 

When an event is booked with our company, the DJ is reserving that time off to be part of the event. Sometimes that means forgoing a vacation or not making plans to see their favorite musician in concert. It also means turning down business for other inquiring potential clients. During especially busy weekends, sometimes we even purchase new equipment or supplies many months in advance to prepare for the event. When an event is cancelled, there is lost time and money involved and our deposit is to help relieve some of that. 

Yes, our job is to ensure the event flows and that everyone knows what’s going on and what’s next. Our DJs understand that a smooth-flowing, fun and memorable wedding isn’t just about playing the right song and the right time, but also how it flows with announcements and how well the DJ guides the event on the microphone. Your DJ is also your Master of Ceremonies, and you’ll never have to worry about making an announcement. 

Arrival time varies based on which package is booked along with add-ons booked. This is typically 1.5 – 4 hours prior to contracted start time. 

If the party is going strong and you want to let your guests keep the party going beyond the contracted time, we would love to stay later! You’ll have the option to go into overtime for an additional fee and all overtime fees go directly to the contracted DJ. We’ve DJed events until 3 a.m. in the past and have no problem keeping the party going! 

Our DJs will never consume alcohol or take cigarette breaks during your wedding. We don’t need alcohol to feel comfortable on the microphone or get the party started, and the truth is that there are few things that could be worse for your wedding than a drunk DJ. We prefer to remain professional while still maintaining a fun atmosphere and high energy.

Tips are not required. Tips should be reserved for performances where you believe your DJ has gone above and beyond your expectations and is deserving of a tip. The amount of of the tip would depend on the total amount of your wedding and other factors, but really it’s all about what you think is fair. Our DJs are paid very fairly and so don’t pay a tip out of sympathy that a DJ may not make enough money. That’s not how we roll. If you do decide to tip your DJ, please pay him directly as we believe DJs should keep 100% of the tips and overtime they earn from stellar performances. 

While we do own a fog machine that is available for use, we recommend against using it in most circumstances. Fog machines can set off smoke alarms and trigger asthma in some people. Plus, they’re not a fit for most weddings. 

Absolutely, we can handle that set-up and actually do it quote often. The cool part? We don’t need to move any equipment (which creates that awkward silence while the DJ is scrambling to quickly re-set up a sound system). Instead, when you book a Ceremony + Reception version of the package, you’ll notice the two things that you get extra are an extra hour (30 minutes of prelude coverage + 30 minutes of ceremony coverage) and a second system. And for Amplify Entertainment, it’s an actual second system, not the same system in a second location. We’ll have both systems independently set-up, tested and ready to go before anything starts so that way your guests can go from music (ceremony exit song) to music (beginning of cocktail hour music). Adding a third and fourth system to your package, if needed, is an easy add-on that we’ll gladly accommodate.

For a ceremony or cocktail hour (no more than two hours total), we offer a completely silent Wireless PowerPack add-on that can go anywhere. We’ve used it on a beach on an island, at the top of a mountain and everything in between. For longer timeframes (for example, if power also isn’t available for the reception), then you would need a more powerful option that also covers things like lighting, catering, bar, etc. In that case we recommend a computer-safe “silent” generator, which we don’t currently offer, but they are available for rent at Home Depot and Lowe’s.