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About Annie

Annie has loved music since she was very young. She remembers begging her mom to buy her the new Britney Spears album (Baby One More Time) when she was only five. She was so excited when her mom finally caved and got it for her before a road trip to New Jersey, during which she listened to it on repeat the whole. ride. there. Oh, and back. Annie was in her school choir from elementary school up until middle school, when she switched over to band to play the saxophone. She played all through middle school and was also in the high school marching band. Her involvement with music-related extracurricular activities continued to guide her journey through music performance. These experiences taught her to step out of her comfort zone and to not be afraid to be different, but most importantly, to have fun!

Annie originally started DJing as a fun hobby/activity but never knew she would become an actual DJ until she realized that it had become less of an hobby/activity and more of a passion! She started off DJing parties and events and then moved onto weddings when she became a part of the Amplify family! After her first solo wedding at Amplify, she loved DJing even more. Annie puts passion, creativity, and care into everything she does, which is why she has found such a deep rooted place with music. From her personality (including her ever-changing hair styles and colors) to her DJing, she is often described with one word: vibrant! Annie is very much a people person and will bring something different, exciting, and fun to your next event!

What was your first live concert?

My first concert I went to was a John Mayer concert with my dad when I was 12! The feeling of getting to see one of my favorite artists live was amazing. I was very into alternative rock/pop/punk music growing up so I was very thankful to finally live out my teenage dream and attend the last ever Vans My warped tour in 2018.

What are some of your favorite genres of music?

I love most genres but hands down my top five would be Hip-hop, Alternative rock, Reggae, EDM, and Electropop! Even though those are my top five, I don’t having anything against other genres, and I love finding new music and becoming familiar with new genres all the time!

Tell us some fun facts about you!

  • I do makeup and hair (my hair is currently lavender)
  • I love animals (I have 2 cats and a dog)
  • I’m also a bartender
  • My favorite food is pasta

Anything else you’d like to add?

I’m a unique, music-loving, makeup-doing DJ that just wants to bring fun and memories to any event! I think that’s enough about me, now I can’t wait to hear about you!