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About Jake

What makes Jake stand out as a DJ is his ability to be both detail-oriented and go-with-the-flow. You will notice this common theme among reviews for the 300+ events he has DJed. “Every inch of detail was covered, and everything was perfect.” “Jake never rushed us and made us feel confident the day would go smoothly.” “Jake did such a great job mixing all of the different kinds of music we wanted and did such a good job reading the crowd.” “[He] made things so smooth without all the added stress.” Check out the glowing reviews below to get an idea of how great Jake is at making sure your wedding day is even better than you pictured it.

Jake’s dream since he was in 3rd grade was to be a rockstar. Since then, he has toured through the entire North American continent performing in Mexico, Canada, and the U.S. At the age of 19, Jake took a break from his music career to dedicate two years of his life to service. Jake learned Spanish and served the people of Central America for two years helping people build houses, overcome addictions and grow closer to Jesus Christ. This experience and knowledge of Hispanic culture and language has made him a particularly popular choice for Spanish-speaking events.

“DJing is really similar to being on stage” said Jake, “It gets the adrenalin pumping, and the goal is always to make the night unforgettable for every single person in attendance. The only difference is I have a laptop in front of me instead of a guitar!” Jake also fronts pop group Brightside. Having gained the ability from his band to address large crowds and his mission experience to speak multiple languages, Jake knows how to amplify any kind of event!

Can your wedding be exactly what you want it to be? With Jake it can! He will cater to all your needs and keep your wedding stress-free. So, if you want the kind of experience this bride had: “Our guests are still telling us how much fun our wedding was, and I truly believe that’s because of Jake,” book Jake today.


Some fun facts about Jake

  • Jake also has an acoustic group that is available to play ceremonies and receptions. Contact us to get more info.
  • Jake has played with Bowling For Soup, We The Kings and more.
  • Jake is fluent in Spanish and is currently learning Portuguese and Italian.

What is your favorite song to play while DJing?

Don’t Stop Believin’. It’s one that all generations can connect to.

Who are your favorite artists?

They are all from totally different genres, but I really dig Bruno Mars, Queen, Smallpools, and One Direction (but don’t tell anybody about that last one).

What has been your most memorable wedding experience so far?

At one wedding a less-than-fully-sober groomsman ran by the DJ table and stole our wireless microphone. I was worried about what he might do and was ready to cut the volume to the mic from our mixer. He brought it back once he finished belting every last word of “Problem” by Ariana Grande with guests cheering him on, and it turned out to be a lot of fun. Now the man and I are friends on snapchat.

What song is cued up on your phone/iPod right now?

“GDFR” by Flo Rida

Anything else you’d like to say?

Back to The Future was the best movie ever made, Sherlock Holmes is awesome, and I can’t wait to DJ your wedding/event!

Check out Jake and his band Brightside below.