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Steal This Trend: The Private Last Dance

Private Last Dance at Wedding

Your wedding day is going to be packed with spotlight dances, cake cutting, great food, toasts, trips to the bar, and dancing the night away with your favorite people on earth. But it’s also important to slow down and take a private moment just between the two of you to […]

What’s Your Wedding Day Surprise Policy?

Wedding Surprise Policy

Surprises Can Truly Enhance and Personalize Your Wedding Before we get into what a wedding day surprise policy is, let’s talk about surprises. While each wedding is unique, many tend to be full of meticulously planned details, specifically timed events and rehearsed actions. Whether you’re more of the detail-heavy-type couple […]

We’ve Done It: Check out These 150+ First Dance Song Ideas by Genre 🤩

First Dance Song Ideas

One of the hardest song choices you’ll make during wedding planning will be choosing your First Dance song. After all, it’s a song that will forever represent the two of you and will always bring back fond memories of your wedding day. If you haven’t already, be sure to read […]

Raise Your Glass: 4 Tips to Crush Your Best Man Toast

You’ve known each other for years and, with every adventure, your relationship has solidified into something special. Now the day has finally come where he pops the question; “Will you be my best man?” Some tease that marriage is the death of a bachelor, so consider your toast as your […]

Ready for it? The perfect wedding day timeline.

Wedding Day Timeline

First, An Explanation Okay, it’s true. We always tell our clients that what’s right for one couple may be totally opposite of what is right for another. So why did we make an all-encompassing comment like “the perfect wedding day timeline?” Well first, we wanted you to click this article. […]

3 Bedrock Local Foods for Your Cocktail Hour

We’ve talked about the origins of and different types of wedding traditions before, but we’ve never talked about the food. Let’s be honest; wedding food has gotten a bad rap; the fear of it being bland, overly expensive, or uncomfortably new is near about cliche. In my experience though, our local foods and caterers […]

Fun Unity Candle Alternatives

Wedding Unity Painting

The Unity Candle is a tradition we see at a lot of the wedding ceremonies we perform. Basically the way it works is that a representative (usually one or both parents) bring a lit candle together to a non-lit candle. Together, they light the new candle and once lit, blow […]

10 Brother Sister Dance Songs

Brother Sister Dance Wedding Songs

The brother sister dance is an alternative to the father-bride dance or the mother-son dance when a parent has passed away or no longer a part of their child’s life. Rather than forgo a dance altogether, a bride or groom can dance with a brother or sister. What’s great about […]

8 Surprising Origins of Modern Wedding Traditions

8 Surprising Origins of Modern Wedding Traditions

I once DJed a wedding where the officiant told guests during the wedding ceremony that the unity candle, “comes from popular TV show Survivor.” It was the perfect moment when I could tell who in the crowd was paying attention, because many smiles turned into puzzled faces. This officiant said some […]

What is the Generations Dance?

Generations Dance

It’s About Celebrating Love and Commitment Wedding receptions are a time for celebration. You’re likely to have guests at your reception who are married couples, old and young. The Generations Dance is a fun way to celebrate their continued commitment to each other as they support you in your new […]

Sample Wedding Ceremony and Reception Timeline

Wedding Ceremony and Reception Timeline

Wedding receptions come in many shapes and sizes – and that’s awesome! Sometimes trends emerge because they work very well across different receptions. However, you’re preparing for your big day, not anyone else’s, so you get to do things your way! You’re not alone in this quest, though. We can […]

How to Choose Your First Dance Song

Wedding First Dance

You and your future spouse have probably shared many dances during your relationship, but when you arrive at your wedding reception, you’ll dance together for the first time ever as a married couple. Your First Dance will be one of the most memorable parts of your wedding reception. The song […]

21 Pop Punk First Dance Wedding Songs

Pop Punk First Dance Wedding Songs

A client who loves pop-punk recently asked about some personalized ideas for pop punk first dance wedding songs. We love a good pop punk song and they bring back some fond, fond memories. The trick when developing this list was to find songs that not only could make for a […]

Songs for Your Wedding Do Not Play List

Wedding Do Not Play List

In my opinion, the wedding Do Not Play list is even more important than the Must Play list. What I always tell Amplify clients is to think of the people they’ve invited to their wedding reception and all of the songs they may request of the DJ. Assume they’ll request […]