Premium vs. Basic Dance Floor Lighting

So what’s the difference between Premium Dance Floor Lighting and Basic Dance Floor Lighting anyway? Let’s jump in and find out!

Basic Dance Floor Lighting

Basic Dance Floor Lighting is a single, simple lighting effect that sits on the DJ’s table and sends a pattern of light toward the dance floor. It’s best suited to smaller events and/or events where dancing isn’t a focus. It still provides a fun effect and the best words to describe it are “simple and sufficient.”

Premium Dance Floor Lighting

Premium is 6-10 complementary lighting effects on a dedicated stand. Premium Dance Floor Lighting is for our clients who want an energetic dance party at the end of the night. It has a larger coverage area and makes people feel like rockstars while they dance! And yet, it doesn’t go overboard — we don’t use haunted house-style strobes (which can cause headaches and seizures), we don’t use fog (which can trigger asthma and fire alarms) and we don’t use bubbles (which can land on the dance floor and lead to a slippery surface). We just use lights (specifically wash lights, derby effects and lasers) that increase the energy on the dance floor, but don’t make anyone uncomfortable.