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About Lane

Ask Lane what his favorite type of music is and he’ll have a hard time giving you an answer. The truth is he likes music from literally every genre, except maybe polka (no offense, polka fans!). He’s been rocking everything from weddings and company parties to Quinceñeras and mitzvahs since 2014, but weddings are his bread and butter. (as in, a dinner roll… on the side, because DJing is a side gig for Lane. Is this metaphor working?).

When he’s announcing the wedding party and the bride and groom for their grand introduction into the reception, Lane channels boxing announcer Michael Buffer’s “Let’s get ready to rumble” voice and trust — it works. When it’s time to dance, Lane brings enough energy to get the crowd going, but he’s not overbearing on the mic. If the crowd on the dance floor gets thin he switches tactics to find the right vibe and bring it back.

“For me it’s like a game of reading the crowd and anticipating what they need to hear to keep the party jumping,” he says, “it’s never the same for any group and it never gets boring.”

When he’s not creating magic on the dance floor, you might find Lane at home with his wife and four little kids. Or at home working for a national education nonprofit trying to help kids in need get access to a high-quality education. Or at home building himself a home office in the backyard so he can hide from his four kids and get some work done.

“After all these years of watching couples share their vows and say, ‘I do,’ I still find it touching,” Lane says. “And every time, it makes me think of how much I love my own wife and how she deserves the best I can give her.”

Ultimately, for Lane, DJing is one part love of music, and the other part… just love.

Some fun facts about Lane

  1. I started my career as a TV journalist for local news stations.
  2. In junior high school I wrote a stay in school rap song that won my class a root beer float party
  3. I named my first pet goldfish Michael Jackson, who was later accidentally smothered to death with food by my wife’s cousin. RIP Michael Jackson.
  4. I lived in Bolivia for two years straight as a missionary.
  5. I had a poem published in an anthology when I was 15
  6. In high school I wrote an episode of the X-files that won a national contest
  7. I’ve stood on the roof of the tallest building (elevation wise) in the state of Florida, and it’s right here in Tallahassee. Basically, I’ve been higher than anyone in Florida without using a plane.
  8. My family named one of our dogs after an ewok.

What is your favorite song to get people on the dance floor?

The Wobble has never failed me yet, but I’ve also had great success with Elvis Crespo’s Suavamente. It’s hard not to shake your hips when that song comes on.

What was the first album you ever owned?

August and Everything After by the Counting Crows.

What is your favorite album of all time?

I don’t have one. But if I had a top 10 list in no particular order, it would include Michael Jackson – HIStory, X by Ed Sheeran, Transference by Spoon, Justin Timberlake’s Future Sex Love Sounds, Fugees’ the Score, Imogen Heap – Speak for Yourself, Muse – Black Holes and Revelations, Queen – Greatest Hits.

What has been your most memorable wedding experience so far?

My most memorable wedding experience was my first. It was a relatively small wedding. About 15 minutes into the dance, the bride asked me if I could move my whole setup outside where the people wanted to hang out. The guests were pretty chill, but with great music, it didn’t take long before I had the small crowd on the open-air dance floor under the stars, going hard until the very last song. And it just so happened I got lucky and picked a song that meant a lot to the bride, her sister and father to close out the night. I’ve done plenty of bigger gigs, but this one made the biggest impact because of how much the bride, her family and a couple close friends were on the floor the whole night.

Name a song that describes your style.

If I had to pick a song that describes my DJ style, I’d choose Turn Down for What!