Custom Monogram Lighting

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Monogram Lighting Inspiration

Your Name in Lights

Personalize your wedding in the most elegant way with Custom Monogram Lighting. We'll project a beautiful custom design onto a wall, dance floor or other surface. Since each design is crafted by us from scratch, your options are only limited by your imagination. Many wedding couples choose a monogram, but we've also crafted designs with a single letter, first names only, an Instagram hashtag, a couple's joint nickname, etc.

If you have access to your wedding invitation design file or other wedding branding, you can send it to us and we'll create a similar design. We can also do custom logos (a big hit for holiday parties and corporate events) and other images. You can choose a custom font, have us choose one, or even send us your own custom design if your prefer. Custom Monogram Lighting is the perfect elegant personal touch that will ensure your event design and lighting is as unique as you.


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