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Born in Puerto Rico and based in Orlando, “Migue” – as he is known in Spanish – has been inspired from as early as he can remember by his love of music and live performance. As a youth, he would bust out his violin, guitar, bass, keyboard, synth, harmonica, or simply his voice, to entertain gatherings of family and friends. Stints as a performer in musical projects ranging in style from indie-rock to classical chamber music and Latin-fusion and gypsy jazz to country and bluegrass and even punk and EDM followed. Miggy's first foray into DJing came via mixtapes he produced to share his eclectic and ever-evolving musical taste with loved ones, plus the rocking of house parties. He also cut his teeth as an MC at poetry slams. Later in adulthood, he found himself blessed with the opportunity to become a stay-at-home dad, prompting his desire to settle down from a nomadic lifestyle and make the transition to event DJing official.

As a DJ and MC, Miggy's driving passion is to foster unforgettable and meaningful experiences that truly bring people together. Reveling in our shared humanity, Miggy seeks to bridge cultural divides, breaking free from the ordinary expectations you may have for an event DJ by thoughtfully mashing up diverse musical and cultural elements into a bouillabaisse of uncategorizable awesomeness! Stylistically, he strives to keep things classy with a vibe attuned to your special occasion while still being unpretentious and energetic enough to get the dance-floor lit.

A consummate artist, Miggy's motivation to deliver the extraordinary with professionalism is relentless. He is constantly honing his craft and tinkering with emerging technologies to push the boundaries of what is currently possible. He likes to program custom light-shows and at times incorporates real-time beat-making and finger-drumming into his DJ sets. For some events, he even showcases his talents on a 5-string electric violin or analog synthesizer.

Miggy thrives on the "flying without a net" thrill of sonically nudging a crowd to let loose and celebrate together as if nothing else matters beyond that particular moment in place and time. Sure, partying should be fun, but it also can serve a deeper purpose by enabling us to establish and strengthen our relationships while creating life-long memories. Recognizing this, Miggy truly feels fortunate to have found a home at AMPLIFY because of our shared values and mission.

In his personal life, Miggy can often be found playing and refereeing soccer, backpacking in the wilderness, racing around in his classic Miata, attending visionary music festivals, doing DIY home-improvement projects, authoring (as yet) unpublished manuscripts, and, most importantly to him, spending quality time with his pre-teen son with whom he shares a love of traveling and adventure, creating art, and, of course, Pokémon!


Home Town

Orlando, FL


DJ Style

Adaptable and Energetic

Super Hero


First Album

Coldplay - Viva la Vida


Hidden Skill

Travel Planning

Fave Food

Beef Empanadas

Party Anthem


Slow Jam


Karaoke Song

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