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Miggy's love of music began at a young age. A classically-trained musician, he often entertained on violin – his primary instrument – along with guitar, keyboard, harmonica, or by simply using his voice. Driven by a musical taste as diverse as his Puerto Rican roots, Miggy has experimented with a variety of musical genres while performing in various bands and solo projects over the years. Indeed, it was this desire to share the fruits of his musical exploration with loved ones that eventually inspired Miggy to become passionate about DJing, and he quickly developed a reputation for his unique and eclectic style. And yes, Miggy is bilingual as well!

As a DJ and MC, Miggy strives to foster memorable and meaningful experiences that truly bring people together. Years of experience working a room ensure that Miggy is a responsive MC ready to handle any complexities. Stylistically, he gravitates towards keeping things classy while reading the room with the goal of achieving a vibe specifically tailored to your special occasion, while at the same time, unleashing the energy necessary to get the dance floor lit!

A dedicated artist, Miggy is always looking for new ways to express himself through music, as well as to bridge cultural and generational divides, in order to surprise and delight his audience. He loves nothing more than rousing people to loosen up, get on the dance floor, and experience the time of their lives together! After all, partying should be fun, yet it can also serve a deeper purpose by enabling us to establish and strengthen relationships while creating life-long memories. Recognizing this truth, Miggy truly feels fortunate to have found a home at AMPLIFY because of their shared values and mission.

Miggy resides in Orlando. When not rockin’ an event, he likes to read and meditate, go hiking, play and referee soccer, attend music festivals, tinker with his classic Miata, construct DIY projects, and author (as yet unpublished) manuscripts. Most important to him, however, is spending quality time together as a family, especially with his son with whom he shares a love of traveling and creating music and art.

DJ's Hometown

Home Town

Orlando, FL


DJ Style

Classy Lit
DJ's Favorite Super Hero

Super Hero

Darkwing Duck
DJ's First Album

First Album

Devo - Freedom of Choice
DJ's Hidden Skill

Hidden Skill

Electric Violin
DJ's Favorite Food

Fave Food

Serenata de Bacalao
DJ's Favorite Party Anthem

Party Anthem

DJ's Favorite Slow Jam

Slow Jam

DJ's Favorite Karaoke Song

Karaoke Song

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