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Music has played a defining role in Nate’s life since at least age three, when he and his brother Mike would beg their parents to play 1812 Overture so they could run around the house and fight battles. There’s a VHS video somewhere of four-year-old Nate singing at the top of his lungs to Billy Ocean. His dad made mix tapes of ‘70s and early ‘80s classic rock and he eventually did the same for his friends and brothers, but in the new era of CD burning. Nate started his DJ career at 16 years old, DJing for his friends and working with his dad, who DJed as a side hobby to pay for his love of music and high-quality speakers.

Around the same time, Nate also started playing bass guitar and formed a rock band with some of his best friends (he would later be a part of three other bands throughout high school and college). As the frontman and lead singer, Nate loved the experience of being on stage and leading a party-hard crowd that danced, bounced, and sang along. Nate DJed his first wedding way back in 2002 when his dad was leaving the industry. He then worked for a few other companies before founding Amplify in 2006 to create a very different kind of DJ company -- one built from the ground up with a focus on attention to every detail, personalized and made fun for each client and all of their guests and bringing the energy of a band to the DJ world.

Over the years, Nate has performed more than a thousand events. His approach to DJing is often described as high-energy, interactive, approachable, genuine and friendly. His experience as both a DJ and a rocker taught him that practically any performance is much more fun and rewarding as a participatory sport rather than a spectator sport. His longest period of straight DJing was for a wedding in Florida that started at noon and -- when no one wanted the night to end -- kept it up for more than 15 hours, finally ending at 3:30 a.m.

He often measures his success as a DJ by how exhausted and drenched in sweat the event guests are at the end of the night. He loves getting that one grandma, whose granddaughter has never seen her bust a move, to dance the night away and have as much fun as the bride herself. While Nate loves every moment of a wedding, from ceremony to send-off, he lives for that moment when he gets to open the dance floor and try to win over a brand new crowd, joining them in creating an evening to remember for his clients and their guests.

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Tallahassee, FL

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Queen - News to the World
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Bass Guitar
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