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Hey everyone, my name is Dexter and I also go by Black Tarzan. I love big energy! I played drums in a punk and blues band called Blind Math. Our lead singer was a Mississippi Delta Blues lovin’ physicist who actually went 85% blind for a few weeks before discovering himself and his true friends in the process.

I’ve been making music since I started playing drums in elementary school. As a songwriter and a musician, I’ve played/written/composed punk, blues, RnB/soul, pop, hip hop, classical, and electronic music. In college at FSU I took 2 classes for classical piano and wrote my own classical pieces to play for my final exams (one of which I also wrote and sang a live duet to accompany my piano performance piece!). My musical interests and abilities are as diverse as you’ll ever find, and I bring an abundance of love, joy, and passion every time I DJ!

Dance music is my favorite thing to bring people together, so when you see me bustin’ moves at the DJ table, just know that in a few minutes I’m probably gonna be out on the dance floor with you. I am here to amplify your event!

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Tampa, FL

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Will Smith - Big Willie Style
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Hidden Skill

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Grilled Salmon
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Slow Jam

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