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Hey DJ DJ is an optional, no-extra-cost service that is included with all Amplify DJ packages. It connects your DJ to your guests so they can send song requests to the DJ on their phones from the comfort of their dinner table or in the heat of the dance floor. Hey DJ DJ was invented and created by Amplify and uses geolocation to allow your guests to quickly and easily check in to your event. Once guests have checked in, sending a song request is as easy as sending a text message. No app download needed. Our DJ will be able to let them know when request is coming up next so they don't miss their jam.
Hey DJ DJ - Text Requests to the DJ


Don’t worry, this isn’t a jukebox. If a guest requests a song that's on your do-not-play list or is otherwise inappropriate for your wedding or event, it won’t get played. DJ discretion still matters, whether the request is made in person or via Hey DJ DJ, and guests can still make requests the old-fashioned way by walking up to the DJ and making the request in person. But we receive a lot more requests from Hey DJ DJ on average vs. in-person requests. In fact, it's typically 4-to-1 or sometimes even as high as 10-to-1. So let your guests check in, and may the best requests get played!



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