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Why should adults have all of the fun? Give the kids something to do so their parents can relax (and dance!) and enjoy your wedding reception or event. It's also great at birthday parties. KidStation features an 80" widescreen HD digital projector/screen, a dedicated sound system, and a Nintendo Switch with more than 30 games culminating into an all-in-one kids entertainment system. Age-appropriate group and party games include some of the most popular kids games, from Mario Kart 8 Deluxe and Super Smash Brothers Ultimate (with all bonus characters unlocked!) to Just Dance and Luigi's Mansion 3. Or if things chill out and crowds start to leave, there's always Breath of the Wild.

To keep things running smoothly, we'll assign a KidStation attendant to watch over the KidStation equipment at all times and assist with changing between games, recharging batteries and controllers and helping switch out turns.

Even your younger guests should get to have an epic night, especially if it means freeing up their parents to hit the dance floor!


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