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Uplighting Inspiration

Light up your night

Transform any space with stunning ambience by adding Uplighting to your wedding or event package. Ambient lighting plays a much larger role in the overall feeling of elegance than most people realize. Next time you visit a nice restaurant, you may notice that it's not only the quality of food being served, or the overall decor, but also the lighting that makes it feel different, elegant and upscale. With Uplighting, you can inject that same elegance into your wedding or event.
Blue Wedding Uplighting and Flowers

You'll get to choose any color you'd like, whether it's highlighting your primary color or complementing your design and layout with an accent color. We even have the ability to capture a custom color from a real physical object (like a flower or fabric), and then program that exact color into each light.

Many DJs use outdated uplighting set-ups with old technology and incandescent light bulbs that use lots of energy and therefore get very hot. Those outdated lights can burn curious children when they touch one or even present a fire hazard if they fall or tip over. Amplify's lights use much less energy and are cool to the touch, even after a five-hour reception.

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