Wireless PowerPack

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Anywhere you need it

What happens when your wedding ceremony is on the beach, in the mountains or some other location where there’s absolutely no electricity? This is where our Wireless PowerPack add-on comes into play!

For a ceremony or cocktail hour (no more than two hours total), we offer our completely silent Wireless PowerPack add-on that can go anywhere. We’ve brought electricity to a beach on an island, at the top of a mountain, in the middle of the woods, at a lake, and everywhere in between. It has enough energy to power our ceremony (or cocktail hour) sound system, including all music and even a wireless mic for your wedding officiant.

For longer timeframes (for example, if electricity also isn’t available for the reception), then you would need a more powerful, longer-lasting option that also covers things like lighting, catering, bar, etc. In that case we recommend a computer-safe “silent” generator, which we don’t currently offer, but is available to rent at Home Depot.

In most cases, though, what we've seen is the reception location has electricity and it’s just the remote ceremony spot that doesn’t. In this case, our Wireless PowerPack add-on is your best bet!