Meet the Musician


Steven has been playing music most of his life. His first instrument was piano, which he taught myself when he was in elementary school. He also joined the choir in 4th and 5th grade. This led to him joining the band and picking up tuba in the 6th grade. In 7th grade, he joined the jazz band and learned bass and trombone. Around the same time, his church started a youth band, and he started learning guitar. While guitar didn't work out, Steven ended up playing piano for this same group instead. He continued to do jazz throughout high school, and ended up focusing on trombone and bass guitar. He picked up baritone/euphonium as well because of marching band. Steven attended UNF, where he joined a local band called "Let's Ride Brass Band." This band played at local venues, mansion parties, and even recorded an album. In college, Steven also picked up producing, mixing, and mastering. He's been working almost every day on trying to refine these skills, with hopes of making music for more and more people to enjoy.