Your wedding day is going to be packed with spotlight dances, cake cutting, great food, toasts, trips to the bar, and dancing the night away with your favorite people on earth. But it’s also important to slow down and take a private moment just between the two of you to reflect on the wonderful occasion and soak in the moment away from the spotlight. Enter the private last dance. We’ve been recommending this option to couples for years and it seems it’s actually caught on as a trend. (Yes, we are totally saying Amplify couples are trendsetters!). Think it may be a good fit for your wedding? Read on!

Private Last Dance at Wedding

Here’s how the private last dance works: After your “official” last dance (which can either be a banger of a tune and/or a slow song with everyone crowded around), the DJ thanks everyone for being a part of the wedding and directs them to line up for the send-off, noting that the couple will go into a private last dance and therefore needs everyone out of the room (except the DJ to play the song and the photographer/videographer to capture the moment). Your DJ should be polite but firm in directing guests to the exit (yes, it can take a few minutes to herd that many guests!). That way it’s truly a private moment. When our DJs play this song, we’ll often leave and let it play and/or clean up something — basically anything to make it even more private for the two of you. Sometimes couples don’t even want photographers/videographers there so it’s a 100% private moment (in which case the photographers/videographers and DJ will also leave the room/area and begin to coordinate and prep the send-off with the guests. From there, only you two remain on the dance floor for a special slow dance together to share thoughts, soak in the moment and prepare to wrap up an epic wedding reception.

When the song ends, the timing will be perfect with everyone and their sparklers (bubbles, streamers, glow sticks, etc.) lined up and ready to cheer you on for the grand exit! Amplify clients have loved their private last dance moments and we recommend you consider it for your wedding day as well!

When would a private last dance not be a good fit? It may not be as natural if you’re not transitioning into a send-off after the dance (either because you already did a faux send-off earlier or because you’re not doing a send-off) because then it would feel like you’re just sending guests away without a farewell (which may feel awkward to them and you). Whereas, even if you’re not having a send-off, ending the last dance in front of everyone and then wishing them farewell as they head out would not have the same awkwardness. Otherwise, if you like the idea of a private last dance and will be leading into a grand exit/send-off, then we think it may just be the perfect way to cap off a truly memorable evening!

Need help choosing the perfect song for your private last dance? We’ve got you covered! You’ll probably want a slow dance song likely similar to the type of song you chose for your first dance. In fact, a lot of couples we work with choose their second favorite first dance song for the private last dance! On that note, we’ve created a Spotify playlist with some great song options for you to listen and try out. Enjoy!