You and your future spouse have probably shared many dances during your relationship, but when you arrive at your wedding reception, you’ll dance together for the first time ever as a married couple. Your First Dance will be one of the most memorable parts of your wedding reception. The song you choose will be uniquely special to the two you for the rest of your lives. No pressure, of course!

Although it’s the most important song choice of the entire wedding reception, it doesn’t have to be difficult to choose. Here are a few ways you can make your selection:

Option 1: Choose the song you both consider “your song.” This could be a song that was playing when you first met, first danced together, first kissed, etc. Or it could just be a song the two of you grew to love.

Option 2: Did your parents dance to the same song your grandparents did when they got married? If so, it could be fun to carry on the tradition of generations.

Option 3: Consider researching a song whose lyrics best describe the two of you and your special relationship. Many websites are dedicated to transcribing song lyrics. You can Google to your heart’s content until you find that perfect match.

Option 4: Are either of you musically inclined? If you’ve ever written and recorded a love song (especially if it was dedicated to your future spouse), it’s golden. Go for it!

Option 5: Are you taking pre-wedding lessons for a specific style of dance? If so, your instructor can recommend specific songs that match the style of dance you’ll be performing.

Option 6: Still having a hard time? Check out our 150+ First Dance Song Ideas by Genre that have proved very popular among our clients. Some may match your personality and some definitely won’t. You can pick one from the list, or just use it for inspiration. We’ve created Spotify playable lists so you can listen to them and add them to your Spotify wedding playlist!

If you have a few potentials and can’t seem to make a final decision, we can help you narrow down the perfect song based on certain aspects of the song you may not have been considering, including tempo, intro and outro, total length, etc.

Photo Credit: Red Fly Studio