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Calling Dibs

Want to lock in your favorite Amplify DJ for your wedding or event? "Calling Dibs" is an optional add-on for choosing a specific DJ for your event, removing that DJ from the line-up of options for our other clients who have events on the same day as yours (we only assign one DJ per event per day). Everyone has equal access to Calling Dibs, and it is first-booked, first-served for each available DJ.

Nate is the owner of Amplify, but he has also personally trained a very talented team of highly rated DJs. Some clients request that Nate personally DJ their event, which is in fact an option, and Nate DJs more than 50 events events each year. "Call Dibs on Nate" (previously the "Nate Guarantee") is an optional additional cost add-on that you may request by selecting the option in your proposal. If available, it locks Nate in specifically as your DJ. You can also request any other (aka anyone but Nate) specific DJ at Amplify by requesting to Call Dibs on them in your proposal. We'll then check availability internally accordingly.

If you select this option and it's no longer available, we will remove it from your invoice so you don't have to pay for it. If an emergency comes up and/or your selected DJ no longer works for Amplify, the Call Dibs amount you selected will be removed from your invoice and (if paid already) refunded to you.

If you choose to not Call Dibs on a specific DJ, no worries! Why? Because 1) You can still include your favorite Amplify DJ among your list of requested DJs during our DJ Selection process for no extra charge. And 2) No matter which Amplify DJ you're assigned, you'll be in great hands regardless. During DJ Selection, you would rank order your favorites and Amplify would assign your DJ based on a combination of factors: availability, all couples' rank orders for the same day, who Nate thinks would be a great fit, etc..

In a nutshell, Calling Dibs costs more but guarantees your specific DJ selection (if the option is still available) and not Calling Dibs doesn't cost more and you could still get your favorite DJ, but it's just not guaranteed. But regardless, you'll still be able to go through our DJ Selection process and you'll have an awesome experience regardless of which of our highly rated DJs ends up taking care of you!

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