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Add another layer of fun to your wedding or event with Trivia by AMPLIFY! No more papers and pens and running up to the DJ table. Trivia by AMPLIFY is 100% digital and only requires one person per team to check in and submit answers for the team via phone. Give your team a custom name, check in, and get ready for the first question!

Super fun

For weddings, see which table of guests knows you, the newlyweds, the best! How did you meet? Where will your honeymoon be? What's the groom's favorite football team? What's the bride's favorite band? It's a fun way to personalize your wedding and get your guests even more engaged. For corporate events and retreats, company trivia takes investment to the level. Or just go classic and choose general categories, from history and music to movies and geography, the options for questions are endless.


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