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Magical Wedding at the Jekyll Island Club Resort

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Photos by Joe Frank Photography
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I arrived at the Jekyll Island Club Resort on a perfect day. The weather was just right and the beautiful venue was picture-perfect, perfectly set for a magical evening! Just before the ceremony began, I was informed by the Jekyll Island Club Resort's wedding planner that at least three other weddings were taking place on the resort that day. I knew right then that Kate and Austin's wedding had to be the most lit wedding on the island that night. Another wedding DJ adventure was about to ignite!

Video by Faith+Covenant Films

The decor and layout across the venue was beautifully appointed, and the wedding guests were dressed well for the occasion. A horse and carriage travelled by a row of oak trees against the backdrop of the sun setting over the bay, the perfect setting for a wedding that could only be fully experienced and appreciate in person.

After an elegant and sentimental ceremony where the couple's vows to each other expressed gratitude, love and support, cocktail hour was out on the lawn with the ultimate classy, jazzy vibe. Dinner in the courtyard was bookended with special dances and toasts on either side. As guests poured inside to kick off the party portion of the evening, I shared the news about the other weddings and how it was up to all of us to make sure Kate and Austin's wedding would be the most lit event on the entire island. I tell you, friends, that we did not disappoint! The dance floor was packed all night with dancing, singing, rapping, head banging, crowd surfing, and every other physical and audible manifestation of partying hard. From pop punk and 2000s crunk to Latin and EDM, we traversed across so many genres of music, but the energy was 🤌 from the first song through the end of the send-off. What a fun night to be a wedding DJ, and I was thrilled to be a part of Kate and Austin's epic wedding day!

The Soundtrack

First Dance

Cocktail Vibe

Sparkler Send-Off

Groom + Mother Dance

Bride + Groom Entrance

Late Night Dance


"Next Level Magical. 11 out of 10! Nate was the DJ of our dreams. We had the best night and I literally never left the dance floor and danced to every single song played. They had to force me to do the send off lol. Nate had great pacing and music selection. He knew the assignment. Also, dis boi can rap and the next thing you know he's on the dance floor with you. He elevates the energy in the room so naturally (like the freakin' pro he is). But Nate is more than just a very experienced DJ--he is such a kind, hilarious, intriguing and engaging person. He will exceed your expectations. The online form/profile that they have you fill out is legit. They thought of absolutely everything and it shows that they put the time and care into wanting to understand and cater to your DJ experience. Your DJ search is over--Amplify or bust."