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Sarah + Teegan

Exquisite Uplighting

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Photos by Courtney Michelle Photography
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Sarah and Teegan (somehow even cooler than Tegan and Sara, as you'll soon learn) became good friends while taking the "terrible triad" (neuroanatomy, neurophysiology and head and neck anatomy all at the same time) at National University of Health Sciences. Eventually they became more than friends (obviously lol) and next thing you know an epic May wedding was planned at the beautiful Honey Lake Resort in Greenville, Florida.

A site visit revealed a challenge with the fluorescent recessed lighting in the wing areas of the reception hall -- as the lights were dimmed, they would turn off before reaching a nice ambient, low level. So the lights would either be too bright or completely off. Uplighting at Honey Lake Resort was the key solution. The wedding's accent color was described as "burnt-coral-meets-amber," a beautiful color and not like anything we had in our pre-programmed uplighting color bank, which got us excited to try something new! So we found a real item of the exact sought-after color in the room and scanned it with an app that would analyze the items HEX color code. We then converted the HEX code to an RBG code, which allowed us to program it into our lights. We then tweaked it until we had a perfect match! The results were stunning and now when we show this custom color to other clients, it's often chosen as a favorite. The lighting -- including both our uplighting and custom monogram lighting, set the ambience for an evening packed with dancing, laughing and all-around good times.

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First Dance

Father Daughter Dance

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From the Mother of the Bride (who was awesome on so many accounts): "You did a stellar job for our wedding. We heard many comments about how much our guests appreciated your professionalism on the mic and your music. And they didn’t even know that -- after 10 months of planning --  it was your lighting efforts IN THE HOUR BEFORE the reception that saved the whole event! That was a little more vulnerability than I was prepared for, but God was very gracious in giving us you to handle the problem! Thank you again so much for working out a truly lovely solution. That amber color was exquisite! Thanks also for your kind words about our family. It was a joy to have you with us for such a milestone!"