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Why settle for a typical slideshow of photos when you can display them in a stunning, HD-animated video? When you book Story of Us from Amplify for your wedding reception, we'll create your custom video with your choice of 50-100 images from your collection of memories. You'll get to choose from among 15 different theme options so that the video is personalized to the theme/season of your wedding.

Check out the examples below to preview a few of the theme options. You can choose the song that plays with the video, with most wedding couples selecting their first dance song. In addition to weddings, this enhancement is also very popular at Quinceañeras, Bar/Bat Mitzvahs, anniversary parties and even corporate retreats.

After the wedding or event, you'll receive a link to your video that can easily be downloaded and/or shared on social media with guests who either couldn't attend or would love the keepsake.

We offer three different Story of Us options and one that includes equipment only:

Option 1 (During Event): This option is meant to display the video during the wedding or event itself using photos from the past. For this option, we'll also provide an 80" HD projector/screen so we can loop the video during your dinner, cocktail hour, or throughout the evening (with the music muted since we'll be DJing).

Option 2 (Post-Event): We’ll create a video for you after the wedding or event using photos from the event itself. This option is for those who would prefer to use the professional photos taken during their wedding or event to create a beautiful video slideshow afterwards. No equipment is included for this option since it would not be created and shared after the event.

Option 3 (During Event AND Post-Event): This option is for those who would like both options so they can display one video during their wedding or event using photos from the past and create one after the event with professional photos from the event itself. You can choose a different theme and song for each video to keep them unique.

Equipment Only Option: If you have a third party already creating a video for you (or you're doing it yourself), you have the option to simply book our projector + screen equipment and you would provide the laptop with the video to play at the event.

Now Trending: Get the most out of your Post-Event Story of Us by coupling it with our Audio Guest Book! In addition to the photos from your wedding, the song of your choice, and the custom song of your choice, we'll also intersperse highlighted recordings from your Audio Guest Book, creating the perfect video to relive your memories for years to come! Check out the Audio Guest Book page to see an example.

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