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Way Too Much Fun at Mission San Luis

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Photos by Second Street Photography
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The Bees! We had so much fun DJing for these too! Rodney designed his own bee-themed branding for the wedding and it found its way on the bar, the programs, and yes, on our Custom Monogram Lighting. We knew they wanted a super hyped intro and we wanted to have their crowd making a lot of noise when they walked in to the beautiful scene at Mission San Luis. We had talked about incorporating the sound of bees into their intro so we found the perfect sound fx that was basically a thunderous swarm bees. Everyone got up and cheered as the Bees were announced into the reception and when they crossed the threshold, we dropped All I Do is Win. The full-on hype was a success!

After the touching first dance and other special dances -- which included a father-daughter dance ("Sanford & Son Theme faded to Luther Vandross' "Dance With My Father"), a custom mother-son dance, a bride's dance with her mother, and a bride's dance with her brother -- we then enjoyed a delectable meal from Jackie's Kitchen while we played some chill jazz and RnB in the background.

After cake, it was time to turn up! And from that moment on, the energy was 💯 throughout the entire night! We kicked it off with some Motown classic dance songs, moved into Jasmine's favorite group dances, and then into hip hop and rap from the '90s onward. We even snuck a few slow dances in there because couples love Marvin Gaye! It was certainly a night to remember for everyone in attendance, including us, and we were so honored to have played a part.

Video by Unique Video Creations

The Soundtrack

Bride+Groom Intro

Dinner Vibe

Turn Up

Motown Dance Vibe

Go Hard🔥

Last Dance


"Nate!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Our man!! Wow....what can we say?!?!?! You and your team came through so hard for our wedding! From the ceremony music (AHHHH-mazing!) to the reception music, you absolutely listened to our desires and added your own funk and it absolutely blew up the place! We were so blessed to have you as our DJ and you are beyond comparable to any other DJ. Thank you so much for being patient with us and for being accommodating to Rodney's creativity. Your passion for this business shows and if I could sum you up in one word, it would be... impossible to do. 🙂 Much love and blessings for you and your team and your family!"