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When I got on the phone with Katherine for our final review, I immediately knew what a special person I was speaking to on the other end. Like many 2020 wedding couples, Katherine and Adam had been put through quite a lot. Their wedding date had to be moved multiple times, they lost most of their vendors and their deposits, and at this point, they just wanted to finally have the big wedding party of their dreams. Only hours before our call, Katherine, a nurse who’d been worked to the bone for over a year, found out her dad wouldn’t be able to make it to her wedding now after having just survived a heart attack. Everything was going wrong, and she didn’t know it at the time, but I was about to help make her dreams come true.

Because of all the moving around, their budget had become incredibly slim, but Kat and Adam were able to secure the infamously beautiful South Eden Plantation. We started talking about what Kat envisioned for her wedding, and I kept hearing her say, “Well, I wanted … but now…” 

I stopped her in her tracks. 

I told her to tell me exactly what she wanted her wedding to be. I told her to tell me as if money was no object and every one of her dreams could become a reality. 

Suddenly, this beautiful vision of a wedding day flowing through the entire plantation from one location to the next, with photographers and videographers capturing every angle and memory, surrounded by her closest family and friends, with the promise of a film to look back on so she could relive and remember this pivotal day for the rest of her life came forward, and now more than ever, so she could share it with her dad who couldn’t make it to the wedding! I was already moved by this alone, but it didn’t stop there. 

I commented on her exceptional choice of dinner and cocktail hour music, relying heavily on ole Blue Eyes, the Mr. Frank Sinatra, supported by Michael Bublé and Edwin McCain to transport her guests to a place of historical elegance and grandeur as they delighted in South Eden’s famously delicious corn bread. 

I told her to think bigger. 

“Again, if money is no object, wouldn’t you like to have a live singer crooning for you and your guests?” 

“Are you kidding? YES!” 

Following a brief explanation of my background as a musical theatre graduate from Florida State University (I love to sing as a live performer when I'm DJing!), and my current position as a videographer on the side, it was settled.  

After months of being told no, told that her dream was too expensive, it’s too late, nobody’s available, and that she was just going to have to accept less than her dream wedding because of how COVID affected everyone and the entire wedding industry, Katherine found her yes. 

Tears streaming down her face, she burst forth with excitement, 

“I love the drone establishing shots capturing the entire venue… Make sure we grab the toasts! Oh and Adam with his dad! Is this even real? Are you sure? You can actually do all of this? And you’re going to sing for us? I’m actually crying right now…” 

As a performer, I’ve always enjoyed having an impact on any audience that cares to listen, but outside of Amplify, I've found that the entertainment industry doesn’t see itself as a service profession. With Amplify, I’ve found a beautiful marriage of the two (pun intended), performing for hundreds of new faces every year, while being of service to the couples who need us. Having the chance to be of service to one of our brave medical personnel, who has been of service to each of us since even before the pandemic, using the talents I’ve worked so hard to perfect, was one of the most cathartic experiences I’ve ever had. 

After almost a year of being cooped up myself, having the opportunity to give back and share my passions was thrilling on so many levels, and the outcome was even better than we’d hoped. 

Katherine, Adam, and all their family and friends had the time of their lives that night, rocking out to Queen, and jamming to their favorite Reggae hits. Thunderous applause filled the hall as I belted some of our favorite jazz standards, and memories that will last a lifetime were captured for Katherine and Adam so they can always look back at the day it all started, their new family, together as one. 

This is one I certainly will never forget, and a reminder for why I love what I do. 

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"Amplify! My goodness! Hire them! Hire them! I promise you will not be disappointed. We sadly had to push our wedding back three times due to covid and each time Nate was so gracious and understanding. He would always accommodate and communicate with us! As a bride I was getting incredibly nervous about if my wedding would even happen or nervous vendors would start to drop off or take money from us. Not Amplify! They were truly allstars for us. Super gracious, accommodating, creative and helped me stay within budget (which honestly, most vendors do not care about but Amplify did). When it came time (finally!) to pick my DJ for our third wedding date, it was seamless. I am in awe of the overall process. For choosing a DJ Nate sends you a few suggestions that are available to you for your date. He sends you their profiles and highlights what he loves about them. Which frankly, as an owner is pretty darn cool! You can tell he truly appreciates his staff. Then he allows you to choose your top three and why. I immediately, gravitated towards Michael and boy was I not disappointed. He showed up and showed out! He is uber talented and everyone was talking about him at the wedding. He took everything I said in the final review with him and executed it perfectly. I am profoundly grateful for Michael and Nate for making my day perfection. I will recommend you to everyone and anyone who is getting married!"