“We found Nate through a couple we are friends with, who used Amplify for their own wedding. After meeting with him, we didn’t have to keep looking — we knew he was the best out there! He is so great at putting you at ease, answering any questions you might have, and being fun and friendly throughout. His experience and know-how of the wedding industry is palpable and came in handy several times throughout planning (helping us find other vendors, etc.). As for how he was at our wedding — WOW! I have never been a dancer at parties/weddings, but Nate had EVERYONE on the floor all night — from my one-year-old nephew to my 80-year-old grandparents. He was so talented at feeling the vibe of the crowd and seemed like he could sense what we all wanted to hear next. He made sure to play every song I had requested, tactfully turned down song requests on our ‘do not play’ list, and ensured everyone had a blast. He kept us on schedule without us even realizing it because we were so busy having a great time. He really intuitively understood what needed to happen and was great at managing the flow of the night perfectly. By the end of the night, he seemed more like our friend than our DJ. We got married about two weeks ago and we are still getting rave reviews about our awesome DJ. “Where did you find him?!” “He was the best!!!” So many people said that they usually hate DJ’d weddings because they can be so tacky and cheesy — that was never a concern with Nate. And I LOVE Amplify’s organized, modern system for planning–the questionnaires, online payments, ease with which you can contact your DJ — all so simple and streamlined. If I have any other functions I need a DJ for, I would absolutely use Amplify again. I’m almost sad you don’t often need a DJ because we would love to work together again. Thank you, Nate!!!”