“I wanted to express my sincerest compliments regarding Chelsea. As soon as she showed up to the venue she was working on setup and confirming everything with me and my Coordinator. Chelsea was ON THE FREAKING BALL with everything. If plans changed on the fly she adapted even if she only heard something said once. She was very in tune with how things were going and was able to make other adaptations completely on her own.

A specific example of how awesome she is at timing: the song playing when bridesmaids were walking down the aisle ended early and she had to repeat the song. The repeat only played for about 10 seconds and then she saw my bride about to come down the aisle so she evenly faded out the bridesmaid song and faded into Jessie’s song. Chelsea did such a good job on this that I noticed it even though my bride was about to walk down the aisle!!!!!
For dinner time and the reception, the microphones worked flawlessly. Chelsea ended up doing a lot of coordinating of people and items on her own and she did so efficiently and without being overbearing. Her song choice during the dancing was perfect and she even came up with some cool highlight events for my bride and I on the fly. She drew the perfect amount of attention to us and kept everyone on the dance floor even though it was about 40 degrees outside.
I cannot say enough good things about Chelsea. She was CRUCIAL to our wedding turning out amazingly well and Jessie and I are so thankful for all her hard work, communication, and liveliness. THANK YOU, CHELSEA for making my wedding so memorable!”