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Waterfall Wedding at Lewiswood Farm

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Photos by Gentry Roberts Photography
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A beautiful wedding at Lewiswood Farm near Tallahassee, Windsor and Nick's wedding featured a waterfall wedding ceremony, followed by a party so epic, we still have random people come up to us at events and in public at least once a month come up to us and ask, "You were the DJ at Nick and Windsor's wedding, right? That was the most crazy awesome wedding we've ever been to!" One super unique thing that was a lot of fun was an live auction for a dance with the bride with auction style announcing and bids that went into the multiple hundreds. In the end, some of Nick's firefighter buddies came together for the win and everyone cheered them on! The dance party was definitely one for the books, and the legend was officially written in the hearts and minds of all who attended.

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First Dance

Garter Toss

Bouquet Toss