“Hands down the BEST choice for DJ and entertainment services!! Nate and his team at Amplify are the epitome of the personal touch. Amplify was actually the first vendor we booked for our wedding, even before our venue! We got married on New Years Eve, so we knew the music and entertainment was going to be very important on a night like that. However, we kept hearing from everyone that it is one of the most important aspects of any wedding. Nate was actually the one who worked our wedding, and he was AMAZING! We could have not imagined the the flow of the wedding going any smoother. Sometimes you go to weddings and there will be points where things feel very rushed, or there is too much time spent on something, or even wondering what phase is currently happening. This was not the case one bit. Nate conducted the flow of our entire wedding so well that, we didn’t realize who great of a job he did until the hindsight kicked in days later. We had so many compliments regarding the wedding, all of which included high praise to how well everything flowed. I think the most popular comment from guests was “I love how I always knew exactly what was going on” or “I never even had to think about what was going to happen next.” Nate and the rest of the team at Amplify truly know what it takes to create an extraordinary experience, and best of all, have so much fun doing it!”