“From start to finish, working with Amplify, specifically Nate & Darvon, was efficient and painless. This group knows exactly what they are doing and are willing to cater to your every need. The planning process was smooth, the meetings leading up to the wedding were productive, and the execution was there. This group did not miss. Darvon DJ’d like he’d been doing it his entire life. From the moment our reception started (we used Amplify’s string quartet for the ceremony, highly recommend), Darvon set the mood and you could tell our guests were having trouble staying in their seats. So much so, that we asked our own parents to get off the dance floor so we could get things rolling ha! Darvon kept the energy high, never ruined the vibe, and was always friendly towards guests if they had a request. Darvon was an essential part of our big day and he was flawless. Many thanks to the Amplify team but especially Darvon for making a memorable day, that much better.”