“Amplify and Nate made one of the best nights of our lives an absolute fairy tale! My (now) husband and I are from different sides of the country (literally California is and Florida) and have a very wide ranging group of friends and family. From cowboys, Miami Beach guys, Virginia mountaineers, college athletic peeps and everything in between, from 2 years older to 80 years old, he had us all on the dance floor! All of my guests loved Nate and my husband and I were so happy we wouldn’t have wanted any other company or person for our event. Every single guest talked about how amazing all my vendors were, especially Nate who did the music for the ceremony, reception and the photo booth! BEST EVER!! If you get the opportunity pay extra for the Nate Guarantee, it’s definitely worth it!! If not, I’ve heard all the DJs that are a part of Amplify are amazing as well!!!”